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Vinaver Studies in French 1

Dies Illa. Death in the Middle Ages. Proceedings of the 1983 Manchester Colloquium

J.H.M. Taylor (ed)

VSF 1. ISBN 978-0-905205-18-2. Cloth. 223pp. 1984.

The study of medieval attitudes towards death, from sociological, historical, literary artistic and theological viewpoints, has long been a major scholarly preoccupation in France. The first British conference devoted to this field was the Eugène Vinaver Colloquium held in Manchester in March 1983; this volume contains its revised proceedings. Covering a broad range of disciplines (history, literature, theatre, theology among others) and a diversity of late medieval European cultures; it offers a challenging conspectus of scholarly thinking about attitudes towards death from St Bernard and Dante to the Renaissance.


JANE H.M. TAYLOR. Foreword

JEAN BATANY. Une image en négatif du fonctionnalisme social: les Danses Macabré
JANE H.M. TAYLOR. Un miroer salutaire
PAMELA KING. The cadaver tomb in the late fifteenth century: some indications of a Lancastrian connection
PETER BURKE. Death in the Renaissance, 1347-1656

CYNTHIA FOXTON. Hell and the Devil in the Medieval French Drama: Vision of Damnation or Hope for Salvation?
EDELGARD DUBRUCK. The Death of Christ in French Passion Plays of the late Middle Ages: its aspects and sociological implications.

KENELM FOSTER. Dante's Idea of Purgatory, with special reference to
Purgatorio XXI, 58-66
FANNI BOGDANOW. The Changing Vision of Arthur's Death
PETER AINSWORTH. Du Berceau à la bière: Louis de Mâle dans le deuxième livre des
Chroniques de Froissart
JEAN DUFOURNET. Deux poètes du Moyen-Age face à la moart: Rutebeuf et Villon

MARIE COLLINS. A little-known
Art of Dying by a Brigittine of Syon
JEAN LECLERCQ. La Joie de mourir selon saint Bernard de Clairvaux


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