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Papers of the Leeds International Latin Seminar, Sixth Volume, 1990.

Roman poetry and drama; Greek epic, comedy, rhetoric

Edited by F. Cairns and M. Heath

ISBN 978-0-905205-81-6. ARCA 29. Cloth, viii+375. Publ. 1990.

Papers of the Leeds International Latin Seminar, Sixth Volume continues the series begun with the five volumes of Papers of the Liverpool Latin Seminar. Like the earlier volumes, it includes some of the papers, in revised form, presented at meetings of the Seminar, together with other contributions. Malcolm Heath joins for the first time in the editorship with Francis Cairns. Covering a wide range of topics in Latin and Greek literature, PLLS 6 offers sixteen papers (all in English) by scholars from seven countries.


Roman Poetry and Drama

W. Stockert: Wood and wax: 'hendiadys' in Plautus (1-11)

L. Watson: Rustic Suffenus (Catullus 22) and literary rusticity (13-33)

R. Mayer: The epic of Lucretius (35-43)

S.J. Harrison: Dictamnum and moly: Vergil Aeneid 12.411-19 (45-47)

N. Horsfall: Virgil and the illusory footnote (49-63)

J.-M. Claassen: Ovid's poetic Pontus (65-94)

R.G.M. Nisbet: The dating of Seneca's tragedies, with special reference to the Thyestes (95-114)

P. Cutolo: The genre of the Copa (115-119)

T.E.S. Flintoff: Juvenal's Fourth Satire (121-37)

R. Cuccioli: The 'banquet' in Juvenal Satire 5 (139-143)

A. Hardie: Juvenal and the condition of letters: the Seventh Satire (145-209)

Greek Epic, Comedy, Rhetoric

G. Zanker: Loyalty in the Iliad (211-27)

M. Heath: Some deceptions in Aristophanes(229-40)

P.G. McC. Brown: Plots and prostitutes in Greek New Comedy (241-66)

M. Dickie: Talos bewitched: magic, atomic theory and paradoxography in Apollonius Argonautica 4.1638-88 (267-96)

J. Moles: The Kingship Orations of Dio Chrysostom (297-375)