Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar

Volume 16, 2016

Greek and Roman Poetry; The Elder Pliny

Edited by Francis Cairns and Roy Gibson

Arca (Classical and  Medieval Texts, Papers and Monographs) 54

ISBN 9780905205595. Hard cover. vi+337pp.

Published May 2, 2016


Greek and Roman Poetry

Nigel Nicholson (Reed College): Four Reasons not to have an Epinician

Alex Hardie (University of Edinburgh): Callimachus at the Mouseion (the Hymn to Delos)

Annemarie Ambühl (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz): Literary Love Triangles: Berenice at Alexandria and Rome

Alberto Canobbio (Università di Pavia): Lucilius and Horace: from criticism to identification

The Elder Pliny

Eugenia Lao: Taxonomic Organization in Pliny’s Natural History

Aude Doody (University College Dublin): The Authority of Greek Poetry in Pliny’s Natural History 18.63-65

Trevor Murphy (University of California, Berkeley): Notes from Underground: the Curious Katabasis of Dionysodorus

Trevor S. Luke (The Florida State University): Pliny the Elder on Pythagoras

Sandra Citroni Marchetti (Università di Firenze): Cicero as Role-Model in the Self-Definition of Pliny the Elder

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