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Papers of the Langford Latin Seminar, Volume 12

Greek and Roman Poetry, Greek and Roman Historiography

Edited by Francis Cairns

ISBN 978-0-905205-41-0. ARCA 44. viii+343 pp. Cloth. 2005.


Greek and Roman Poetry

David Konstan (Brown University): The Pleasures of the Ancient Text or The Pleasure of Poetry from Plato to Plutarch (1-17)

M.W. Dickie: The Eschatology of the Epitaphs in the New Posidippus Papyrus (19-51)

Peter G. McC. Brown (Trinity College Oxford): The Legal and Social Framework of Plautus' Cistellaria (53-70)

Alex Hardie: The Ancient Etymology of Carmen (71-94)

Robert Maltby (University of Leeds): Etymologising and the Structure of Argument in Lucretius Book 1 (95-111)

W. Jeffrey Tatum (The Florida State University): Teucer's Imperium (Horace Odes 1.7.27) (113-116)

S.J. Harrison (Corpus Christi College Oxford): Hercules and Augustus in Propertius 4.9 (117-131)

Gianpiero Rosati (University of Udine): Elegy after the Elegists: from Opposition to Assent (133-150)

Alfredo Mario Morelli (University of Cassino): Toto notus in orbe? The Epigrams of Martial and the Tradition of the Carmina Latina Epigraphica (151-175)

B.J. Gibson (University of Liverpool): Hannibal at Gades: Silius Italicus 3.1–60 (177-195)

Frederick Williams (The Queen's University of Belfast/Trinity College Dublin): Problems of Text and Interpretation in Juvenal Satire 6 (197-206)

Greek and Roman Historiography

J. Gordon Howie (University of Edinburgh): The Aristeia of Brasidas: Thucydides' Presentation of Events at Pylos and Amphipolis (207-284)

John Marincola (The Florida State University): Concluding Narratives: Looking to the End in Classical Historiography (285-320)

A.J. Woodman (University of Virginia): Textual Notes on Tacitus' Annals (321-329)

Indexes: Selected Passages; General

Review: L’antiquité classique 77 (2008) 664-5 (Philippe Torrens)