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Liverpool Monographs in Hispanic Studies

This series was jointly edited by Professor James Higgins (University of Liverpool), and Professor Peter A. Bly (Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario). The series alternated between Latin-American and Spanish literature. Fuller details will be found by clicking on the links below.

Although the series is discontinued, all titles are still available. The prices given here should be checked for their current status on our distributor's website (see Ordering).

The Poet in Peru. Alienation and the quest for a Super-Reality.
J. Higgins:
LMHS 1. 978-0-905205-10-6. Cloth. x+166 pp. 1982. UK £17.50 US $26.25

P.A. Bly: Galdos's Novel of the Historical Imagination. A Study of the Contemporary Novels.
LMHS 2. 978-0-905205-14-4. Cloth. xii+195 pp. 1983. UK £20 US $30

J. Gledson: The Deceptive Realism of Machado de Assis. A Dissenting Interpretation of Dom Casmurro.
LMHS 3. 978-0-905205-19-9. Cloth. viii+215 pp.. 1984.  UK £20 US $30

E. Matthews:The Structured World of Jorge Guillen. A Study of Cantico and Clamor.
LMHS 4. 978-0-905205-23-6. Cloth. x+362 pp. 1985.  UK £25 US $37.50

M. Millington: Reading Onetti. Language Narrative and the Subject.
LMHS 5. 978-0-905205-26-7. Cloth. vi+345 pp. 1985.  UK £25 US $37.50

P.A. Bly: Vision and the Visual Arts in Galdos. A Study of the Novels and Newspaper Articles.
LMHS 6. 978-0-905205-30-4. Cloth. x+242 pp. 1986.  UK £25 US $37.50

J. Higgins: A History of Peruvian Literature.
LMHS 7. 978-0-905205-35-9. Cloth. xiv+379 pp.. 1987.  UK £35 US $52.50

D. Henn: The Early Pardo Bazan. Theme and Narrative Technique in the Novels of 1879-89.
LMHS 8. 978-0-905205-63-2. Cloth. viii+231 pp. 1988.  UK £25 US $37.50

P. Swanson: Jose Donoso. The "Boom" and Beyond.
LMHS 9. 978-0-905205-64-9. Cloth. viii+181 pp. 1988.  UK £20 US $30

A.A. Anderson: Lorca's Late Poetry. A Critical Study.
LMHS 10. 978-0-905205-78-6. Cloth. xiv+462 pp. 1990.  UK £50 US $75

D.L. Shaw: Borges' Narrative Strategy.
LMHS 11. 978-0-905205-84-7. Cloth. viii+191 pp. 1992.  UK £25 US $37.50