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ARCA Classical and Medieval Texts, Papers and Monographs ISSN 0309-5541

Sheep-Rearing and the Wool Trade in Italy during the Roman Period

J.M. Frayn

ARCA 15. ISBN 978-0-905205-22-9. Cloth, x+208, 13 illustrs. 8 plates. Publ. 1985.

For this study of sheep-rearing in Roman Italy, Dr Frayn presents and evaluates material from epigraphy, law, literature, archaeology, painting and sculpture to illuminate the social life of shepherd communities. Throughout, the ancient evidence for Italian practice is supplemented with comparative material from other ancient societies and (where relevant) from more modern farming experience.


List of Illustrations; Preface; Abbreviations; Note on Literary Sources


1. The Geography of Sheep-rearing in Ancient Italy
2. Sheep Breeds
3. Transhumance
4. Shepherd Communities: a Social Anomaly
5. The Dress and Equipment of the Italian Shepherd in the Roman Period
6. The Roman Agronomists on Sheep-Rearing
7. Ranching
8. Dairy Produce, Methods and Utensils
9. Raw Wool and its Markets
10. The Wool Trade in the Empire


Appendix: The Saepinum Inscription
Glossary of Latin Technical Terms
Bibliography; References to Ancient Authors; List of Inscriptions; Index of Latin Words; Index of Ancient Greek Words; General Index


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