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Publication in Spring 2023

Francis Cairns (Publications) was established in 1976. Our main area of activity is in ancient Classics, with over 60 titles published to date on Greek and Latin language and literature, and on Greek and Roman history and historiography.

Our back list also includes titles on Hispanic and French literature, and a single book on economic history.

Arca 20, 22, 36, 57. Ovid's Amores ed. McKeown

Ovid: Amores. Text, Prolegomena and Commentary, in four volumes

Volume IV.i. A Commentary on Book Three, Elegies 1 to 8

J.C. McKeown, R.J. Littlewood

ARCA 57. ISBN 9780995461239. xxviii+334pp.

The first three volumes of J.C. McKeown’s fundamental work on Ovid’s Amores have been widely acclaimed and already constitute a standard working tool for classical scholarship. Volume I, Text and Prolegomena, was published in 1987; Volume II, A Commentary on Book One, in 1989; and Volume III, A Commentary on Book Two, in 1998.

After a considerable delay, the Commentary on Book Three was forwarded by the co-authorship of R.J. Littlewood. Practical considerations have meant that it is being published in two parts, of which this volume, IV.i, includes Elegies 1 to 8. Volume IV.ii, which covers Elegies 9 to 15, is under preparation, and will also contain comprehensive indexes for all four volumes.

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